We're going to be wearing masks for awhile, so we might as well get comfy with it.  Besides, getting a washable mask is more environmentally friendly and saves you money in the long run.


Get one in every colour. Because they all make you look great.


Satki15 does not apply for this bundle.

Our masks have been designed for maximum comfort.

Here's how we've done it:

- Tapered cut for a snug fit

- Full-frame adjustable wire so you can sculpt your mask to your face and eliminate foggy glasses and excess fabric that block your vision

- Adjustable head loops make them super comfy for extended wear

- Anti-bacterial Tencel fabric for both inner lining and outer shell to filter the air while ensuring breathability

- Filter pocket (for extra protection, just in case. Filters not included)

Caring for your mask:
We recommend handwashing your mask after every use.
Do not tumble dry.

Chio Trio

SKU: B01
  • Nose to Chin: 14cm

    Ear to Ear: 29cm

    Size: Adults

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